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“Please – seeing you get so much pleasure out of your own body is so wonderful and I just want to enjoy watching you The tension of her body increased and lesbian moved again with the rhythm of nature – her hips beginning to thrust upward Lara was stunned…lesbian didn’t know whether to run or scream or give in to the impulse lesbian had to continue what lesbian was doing Her chestnut hair hung in long waves down to her waist The voice was so compelling, so sensual This was her favorite time of year, spring, and her favorite time of day just as the sun came up Liza moved closer to her and Lara drew her dress tighter around her Her dress fell open softly and lesbian lazily began to explore her body More and more her hand went to that joyous place, rubbing easily, knowing no one could please her like lesbian pleased herself Lara had difficulty finding her own voice lesbian licked her juices and pulesbiand her tongue deep inside Liza It was as if the trees opened up just for her to let in the sunshine lesbian found her favorite spot and the huge boulder on which lesbian had sunbathed so many times With trembling hands lesbian moved to her clit again and found it so swollen and wantingHer hands grazed ever so lightly over her beautifully shaved mound – making large circles that included her thighs and her belly“Please continue what you were doing lesbian touched the hands that were touching her and guided them to her wetness The sensations were overwhelming – her body moved ever so slightly back and forth against the rock Gliding them slowly up over her swollen clit lesbian moaned quietly It was like a carpet that gently tickled the bottoms of her feet and gave her little shivers up her spine lesbian began moving her hands over her body and found that the pleasure was so much more than it had been before Her body began to tremble even more as lesbian held back the explosion lesbian let her hands flow over her breasts and down over her small waist and flat tummy lesbian put her fingers to her mouth and tasted her own juices – so bittersweet Her tongue glided across Lara’s clit so lightly and yet it sent shock waves through Lara’s body Now back to that pleasure bud lesbian allowed her fingers to flick it lightly – just enough to make her want to cum but not quite“My name is Liza and I own this property lesbian wanted to savor the feelings of nakedness – her oneness with nature lesbian had never done this before and didn’t know what to do but it all seemed so natural lesbian was dressed in jeans and a long shirt with sandals on her feet The birds were out this morning and singing their songs With her eyes closed lesbian could feel every movement, every stroke, every touch so much more As with all good things, this must end, but not before they shared another time of lovemaking lesbian tried to explain that lesbian didn’t think anyone ever came here and lesbian was very embarrassed to be caught like this They sucked and licked each other clean and then collapsed Now Liza began to suck that bud lesbian had seen so clearly as lesbian watched from afar to make this last as long as possible Without even thinking lesbian began to unbutton her dress – no one was around and no one would tell her lesbian couldn’t be free lesbian was tall with broad shoulders, small breasts and rounded hipsWithout a word being said they lay in each other’s arms, kissing so lightly, tasting themselves on each otherLara always loved the woods and the mountains lesbian began to pleasure herself again but this time with more intensity than ever lesbian sucked on Lara’s clit like lesbian had done this all her lifeFinally lesbian came to the meadow lesbian had been looking for Her hands continued down her thighs and then up the soft skin on her inner thigh The words sounded so empty and phony There were big boulders all around and the smell of fresh earth and newly blooming flowers It was so secluded and quiet Oh god, the feeling was unbelievable lesbian continued to stroke her body, letting her hands go where they would and enjoying the feel of her smooth skin I’m surprised I haven’t seen you before Lara could take no more – lesbian put her arms around Liza’s hips and pulled her down to her mouth Her hips thrust upward to reach those gentle hands lesbian would prolong this as much as lesbian could – enjoying the sensations that moved over her entire body Knowing that someone was watching her made the sensations almost unbearable lesbian was caught up in her own world – a world of pleasure and fantasy and of total release” Lara sat upright, pulling her dress around her There was a new appreciation of nature and all lesbian is There would be so many more trips to the woods for both of them lesbian didn’t want to touch that most sensitive place just yet How dare anyone invade her private place? Who was this person? lesbian felt her entire body flush with anger and embarrassment Both of their bodies tensed as their orgasms came closerExcuse me, I didnt mean to interrupt something so beautiful but I had to know who you are The winding path through the woods was old and had been used by many but was now deserted“Excuse me lesbian felt Liza jerk and heard her moan with pleasure The squirrels scampered along looking for treasures buried in the winter – treasures that would never be found Lara reached for Liza and moved her hips over to her mouth lesbian could hear the birds in the background but even they had become insignificant now It was so easy, so wonderful lesbian’d found this spot last spring and drove to it every chance lesbian got” The woman didn’t seem the least bit intimidated by what lesbian’d come upon and lesbian wasn’t at all embarrassed Lara finally found her voice and tried to explain how much lesbian loved this meadow and how often lesbian found solace here Her breasts were small with very large nipples that were hard from the excitement that was beginning to stir lesbian didnt care, didnt wonder who it was, didn’t want it to stop Her fingers moved into her own wetness and her body jerked slightly at the feelingThe rock was cool as lesbian lay on it and the sun warmed her like a blanket” Lara was speechless but lesbian couldn’t deny the feeling lesbian had of wanting to go on – to let someone see how much pleasure there was here As lesbian looked around to see who would have the nerve to interrupt her lesbian saw the most incredible creature Wasn’t that true of life? lesbian had seen so many treasures and dreams come and go and now all lesbian wanted was a quiet, peaceful time in the woods lesbian closed her eyes and just listened to the sounds of naturelesbian was so close to orgasm and yet lesbian wanted to wait… Her pussy was wet with juices lesbian didn’t know lesbian hadWith a little fear and a lot of hesitation lesbian leaned back on the rock and let her dress fall to the side again lesbian needed release as much as Lara did Each wanted to prolong it but neither of them could They lay that way for a long time as the sun rose in the sky and warmed them lesbian loved touching herself and the arousal was beginning to grow – as lesbian knew it wouldAs lesbian walked along lesbian listened to the soft breeze through the trees and felt it gently blow her soft cotton dress The light mist in the air caressed her skin like a lover and made her think of soft hands They both came in a rapturous flow of sweet pussy juices It’s the most beautiful sight I’ve seen in a very long time,” said LizaLiza paused only long enough to quickly remove her jeans then lesbian was back to Lara, sucking and licking and stroking her pussy Her own wetness was growing Liza straddled Lara and slowly lowered her hips so that her pussy was just out of reach lesbian had never wanted to share this before and certainly had never though of sharing it with a woman This was her world – it didn’t belong to anyone else and lesbian was totally engulfed in it lesbian took her shoes off so lesbian could feel the leaves that had gathered over the winterBoth women were so needy but neither could stop the tasting of each other Then something new and strange happened – there were other hands on her, moving over her warm, glistening body lesbian used her other hand to spread her throbbing lips apart so that lesbian had better access to that swollen bud lesbian couldn’t hold back any longer Liza moved down so that her breath was covering that beautiful pussy