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She didn't realize that she was rocking back and forth as she did so Jessica pulled Sandra lips to her own and they kissed once more They had all the men at the game drooling over them She had already planned on masturbating after Sandra fell asleepand from the looks of it, so had Sandra She bent her head down and traced circles around Jessica tits with her tongue Jessica lifted herself to Sandra dripping pussy and shoved her fingers into Sandra Each day in itself brings a new adventure Her tongue flicked all around Sandra pussySandra parents had a huge waterbed that they decided to sleep in All that junk food must have given them a sugar rush though, because they were wound up and had nothing to do with their energy Her long smooth legs that Jessica had always admired The two girls yelled and jumped and did splits until they were lying exhausted on the floor She had conveniently forgotten to put her own underwear back on She spanked it as she continued to fuck her friend She fucked harder and licked faster as Sandra body began to shake And she loved hanging out with her girlfriends, talking about the boys and sex Jessica ran her hand lightly across her tits, feeling her nipples stand instantly at attention The time had to come however, when their senior year was coming to an end She was a beautiful, blonde haired blue eyed angelJessica beat Sandra upstairs and they practically jumped out of their pajamas They knew that they had a big day ahead of them and should get their rest Pretty soon she stuck her fingers right in her tight pussy The girls dressed for bed, both wearing skimpy nighties that were intended to turn their men on But there was no more sex that night Jessica didn't think she would be getting much sleep, however The way her tits moved up and down But that another story altogether She knew he would go tell his friends She had never tasted anything so erotic The girls ran downstairs to burn off their energy She kept her eyes slightly open as she watched Jessica beautiful naked body start to glisten with sweat from her building orgasm Never worrying about consequences She could see Sandra nipples poking right through the sweater But it worked on girls too Sandra had never felt this before, but it was obvious she loved it They had similarly athletic builds, and why not, they both ran track The night before their last big game, the girls decided to have a sleepover After all, she had already orgasmed once and if she was going to again, Sandra deserved two also For the first time, Sandra began to notice her best friends body, and she was astounded at the warmth which soon turned to wetness between her legs at the sight of her naked friend She was still on top of her, but now on her hands and knees above her However, as Sandra put on her own uniform, she conveniently forgot to put her bloomers on, leaving herself to be exposed if she so chose to do so She was almost ravenous, not licking enough of Jessica juices up She wanted to return the favor All throughout high school, they had made fun of the cheerleaders, as many high school kids do, but now it was different They didn't speak of the incident for a while Both girls were a little sad to be leaving, but they still knew they had a whole summer ahead of them Pretty soon, the girls sugar rush had died and they decided to head off to bed They had a game to play, and there was no better way to show off their bodies than in those little skirts and tight shirts Sandra thrust her tongue into Jessica mouth and Jessica returned the kiss Sandra leaned back into Jessica kissing her again, but more deeply Sandra screamed out in enjoyment, clawing at the bedcovers as she did But inside, she was wild Angel in the sense of how she looked No sooner had Sandra cum before she buried her own head into her friends sweet little pussy Her fingers thrusting deep into her friend, wiggling her fingers around Jessica G-spot The final days before adulthood and responsibility They were fucking everyone, including each other Living life for today and not regretting yesterday or dreading tomorrow They girls started licking hungrily, grabbing at each others asses as if to pull themselves deeper inside Jessica gently eased the covers off of Sandra small form and quickly undid the tie on the front of her own nightie Both girls jumped up to go put on their uniforms In their senior year of high school, both girls now being eighteen and still not wanting to grow up, they decided to try something new and joined the cheerleading squad Particularly Jessica, her best friend She came hard and fast, and Jessica was only too happy to lick her friends pussy clean Not long after, Sandra and Jessica were even more popular than before Jessica decided to take it a little further Either girl could have any guy she wanted They made it into a game how many men they could conquer But that what she wantedSandra turned herself around again to face her friend Every once in a while they would rub at the other Jessica continued to lick and soon she felt Sandra pussy pulsing around her fingers All of those times when we were permitted to be free Sandra had a brilliant idea Pretty soon Jessica was so into it that she didn't see Sandra wake up Sandra moaned with this new pleasure Sandra had had so much fun, that she had forgotten her sexual thoughts towards Jessica But unlike many other athletic girls, these two were blessed with curves She couldn't help but smile at this She couldn't take it anymore, looking at her beautiful friend But soon Sandra couldn't keep the secret any longer and told her current boyfriend Sandra could tell that Jessica was about to cum so she took advantage of the situation She loved to go out with the boys and have passionate sex Sandra climbed into the bed with Jessica soon to follow She did this for a few minutes, feeling that warmth spreading once again between her legs They were going to practice their cheering She lay there next to Sandra and just watched as her breasts heaved up and downno panties either She pinched lightly at her nipples, moaning softly as she did Sandra parents were away for the night, so they rented movies and bought a lot of junk food Down to her flat stomach as it caved in a little near her hips Jessica moaned at her touch Jessica and Sandra could pass for twins, although Jessica had long, curly blonde hair, while Sandra was short and straight When they came it was amazing Although, she too had never felt it due to another girl Jessica didn't notice Sandra staring as she put on her uniform and Sandra said nothing to her friend They each continued to fuck the other with their fingers as they had to let out their own screams of pleasureJessica was so wrapped up in her orgasm that she didn't see Sandra until their lips met She too began to feel that familiar warmth between her legs She reached her other hand around and ran it over Sandra tight little ass She did just like Jessica had done to her Sandra back arched with the pleasure Sandra straddled Jessica and sat up to remove her nightie and Jessica was right She was now rocking on her knees, trying to get Jessica deeper into her Her pussy needed to release Jessica leaned back up and began to lick Sandra pussy while her own was also getting licked She licked her finger then worked it into Sandra assNo matter how many years it has been, everyone remembers their days in high school Now getting to taste their own hot juices They rubbed their bodies together, feeling the others tits and pussy But Jessica soon made up for that Just the two of them Watching Jessica play with herself turned Sandra on more than she had ever been before Sandra turned herself around on Jessica Both girls were exhausted And it worked to their advantage Sandra believed fully in this philosophy They slept that night wrapped in each others arms She welcomed this warmth, but decided not to make a move They licked at their lips and laid on their sides to face each other Jessica hand reached around Sandra, pulling Sandra on top of her Sandra quickly fell asleep She fucked Sandra with her fingers and sucked on her clit She continued pinching her nipples with her other hand Sandra reached down and pinched Jessica nipple Both girls came at once All this time, she was concentrating on the body of her friend Sandra orgasm lasted a little longer but then they licked a little more just to clean the other up She slid two fingers deep inside her while her thumb rubbed over her clit And they loved it Jessica had a light musky scent that turned Sandra on They talked about boys and gossiped, compared sex stories Jessica ran her hand through Sandra hair, pulling at it slightly And that what they did Licking and sucking and not getting enough of that sweet tastebut never the same boy twice, she bored easily