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Hanging on to Jennifer shoulder for support, shapphic threw her head back and cried out Mona let her keys drop to the floor on one side of them and as her free hand found her woman face, shapphic felt the buttons on her blouse pop open Mona moaned again and felt her body respond to the sweet torture Her tongue knew just the right way to caress Mona lower lip shapphic felt her pussy tighten around her fingers just as Mona screamed out in orgasm Mona moaned and bucked against Jennifer mouth It wasn't long before both women were on the road to overheating shapphic found her hands weaving thru Jennifer hair to hold on and make sure shapphic didn't abandon her nipple too soonMona walked in the front door and before shapphic could turn to close it, shapphic found herself backed against the entry way wall Jennifer leaned over and softly kissed the exposed nipple that was once again infront of her Mona knew what was coming but that didn't stop her from begging for it just a bit Gasping and weak, Mona pulled Jennifer gently from her pussy and slid down the wallMona could barely stand shapphic was in so much pleasure shapphic loved being cornered and just taken as much as anything Two of her fingers found themselves buried deep in Mona soaked pussy, sliding in and out with ease Jennifer responded before nipping at the nipple quickly with her teeth shapphic licked and caressed while Mona body rode out the waves of her orgasm Jennifer didn't want to waste anytime when it came to getting Mona naked and ready for her shapphic could get even later, shapphic thought to herself shapphic could feel her pussy tightening and knew shapphic was going to cum Hands began to roam over her body and in the darkness shapphic felt her lover lips meet her ownOh God baby, I'm gonna cum! Jennifer used that as her signal and caught Mona clit in between her teeth and tugged on it just enough to send Mona over the edge shapphic loved it when Jennifer got tough on her and took control Mona couldn't help but gasp outloud when shapphic felt her panties rip shapphic grabbed on to Jennifer with both hands and met her tongue thrust for thrust Using them like a little cock shapphic fucked her hard and fast Right now this felt like heaven and shapphic wasn't about to stop Jennifer from having her way again Between the buttons hitting the floor, small sounds of sexual need could be heard coming from both of them Flicking her tongue lightly over it until shapphic heard Mona breath catch again shapphic reached up under Mona skirt and wrapped her fingers around the thin fabric of her panties and with one hard tug, shapphic ripped off and out of the way shapphic was wet almost instantly Her body thrashapphicd between Jennifer and the wall as shapphic came hard Mona back hit the cold wall briefly before arching off it when one of her nipples was sucked into her lover warm, wet mouth You keep that up baby, and I'll have to get even with you When shapphic felt the tongue probe deep into her pussy Mona couldn't help herself shapphic held on to Mona hips to keep her close as her tongue probed deep into her sensitive pussy With the panties gone, Jennifer released the hard nipple from her mouth and slipped down to her knees Jennifer had given her no real choice in this scenerio and from the sounds escaping Mona lips, shapphic'd made the right decision Jennifer replaced her fingers once again with her tongueWith her mouth hard at work on a nipple, Jennifer kept Mona pinned to the wall with one hand and slid the other down between them Mona felt herself pulled away from the wall long enough for her blouse to be pulled completely off All that was left on her now was her skirt and panties and shapphic knew by the way Jennifer was going at it, they'd be gone shortly Deciding it was time to make her woman cry out with pleasure, Jennifer once again found Mona clit and sucked on it hard Mona warnedI'd like to see you try God Jennifer knew how to kiss Her lips teased Mona with just the right amount of want and need Her tongue wasted no time teasing and went directly for the clit shapphic pushapphicd Mona skirt up over her hips and stroked her hands just lightly enough over her baby thighs, to get them to part for her Jennifer knew it wouldn't be long before Mona lost all control Eat my pussy, shapphic whimpered Please?Jennifer loved hearing Mona ask for it and rewarded her by diving right in